European University Accreditation provides information about leading European universities which have pledged to deliver excellent learning and teaching experience in an excellent research environment. This website is for the public as well as the business sector.

The aim of European University Accreditation is to make sure that students have optimum knowledge about European universities and thus make a positive impact through international study.

We try to ensure:

• Providing the correct information about institutions, which are at the cutting edge internationally in their selected subjects and inspiring brightest undergraduates and also training postgraduate students to be next generation leaders and innovators.
• Ensure that students can enjoy universities ideal for their aptitude and which will maximize their chances in life, independent of their economic or social background.
• Resources directed towards a critical section of research that can be done to ensure highest international standards with the biggest impact.
• Provide education for the maximum benefit of society and the economy via innovation and exchange of ideas and knowledge
• Help universities to recruit and subsequently retain tutors who inspire future generations of engineers and doctors.
• Maintain a strong education base derived from analysis and research of extremely high quality
• Help students to excel in the face of competition

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