Did you know that the University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world? With evidence of teaching at Oxford existing since 1096, Oxford is also the second oldest surviving university in the world. However, that’s not the only thing Oxford is famous for.

Today, it is known as a premier European university accreditation-, quality of education-, and employment prospects-wise. Its 38 constituent colleges have been the alma mater of several notable people, including 26 prime ministers of Britain, 27 winners of the Nobel prize, and several foreign heads of state. Oxford university is also known for the Oxford University Press, which is the largest (and second-oldest) university press in the world.

Accreditations awarded to the University of Oxford

The Oxford University has been awarded accreditations by The Engineering Accreditation Board, which comprises the Professional Engineering Institutions licensed by the Engineering Council to award accreditation to Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer programs.

The Engineering Science Master’s degree program at Oxford has accreditation from the Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Institution of Structural Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation. The Engineering Accreditation Board has also awarded this European university accreditation for the Master’s degree programs for Economics, Engineering and Management. Accreditation bodies for the same include, the Institution of Civil Engineers, Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institution of Structural Engineers and the Institute of Highway Engineers.

What this means for you

As a leading European university accreditation-wise, the University of Oxford satisfies the quality criteria established by the multiple accreditation bodies listed above. This goes to prove that the course content, facilities, faculty, recruiting practices, admissions procedures, budgets, student body and other important aspects of governance at Oxford University are top-notch.

The fact that Oxford is a member of multiple prestigious academia groups only makes it even more desirable for students from across the globe. Some of these groups include the prestigious Russell Group, the League of European Research Universities, the G5, the International Alliance of Research Universities, and the golden triangle of British universities. The other two universities within the golden triangle are the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

To be a part of this prestigious university, and benefit from its league of accreditation-awarded courses, you can join any of the 38 colleges or six Permanent Private Halls that make up the Oxford University.

Interested in joining the University of Oxford? Check it out for yourself at http://www.ox.ac.uk/