European University is a multi-campus, triple accredited global business school. The European University accredited school offers innovative BBA (Bachelor), MBA (Master) and DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) programs with specialization in Communication and Public Relations, Business Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, International Relations, E-Business, and Leisure and Tourism Management among other courses.


European University accreditation is given by four accreditation bodies:

ACBSP: The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) offers specialized accreditation in the field of business education where excellence in teaching is rewarded. Members of the ACBSP are chosen for their educational qualities and success rate as an alumni and also for proven dedication to innovation and research. All four campuses of the European University have this accreditation.

IQA: The International Quality Accreditation was particularly designed to solve the requirements of business schools and related management promotion institutions functioning in the changing dynamic environments of Eastern and Central Europe. IQA has now evolved to include a broader market and solve the unique needs and conditions of national and local environments and the emerging economies. All four campuses of the European University have this accreditation.

IACBE: The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education is a leading result centric professional accrediting organization dedicated to business programs in universities and colleges all over the world. Both Montreux and Geneva campuses have achieved accreditation for excellence in the field of business education.

Both the IACBE and ACBSP accrediting bodies are recognized by Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

International Exposure

The EU Business School enjoys a global footprint, with principal campuses in Montreux and Geneva in Switzerland, Munich in Germany and Barcelona in Spain. The European University offers students standard programs and also programs leading to dual degrees in Russia, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Malaysia and the USA. The student mix comprise over 100 plus nationalities thus providing them superlative opportunities in networking and a multicultural learning environment.

All courses in the European University are taught by extremely well qualified members of faculty with the wealth of years and years of practical experience in their work. The faculty sits with the student individually to form a caring and cooperative environment of learning in which human values are given  paramount importance.

The European University takes the pragmatic approach towards experiential business education, with emphasizing the case-study technique. It is a proven method to set up students  for many a leadership position in contemporary business environment.

Many faculty members of the European University are themselves notable innovators who teach both inside and also outside of a classroom to help and guide the business education of their students. They are of high caliber and are composed of full time academics with doctoral qualifications and also part-time instructors who themselves are members of international professional community. They have rich experience as consultants, business leaders and entrepreneurs. The mix of business and academic worlds foster an exceptional and unique learning environment.


The mission of the European University are:

• Preparing students for global success

• To be a leader in the global business education segment

• Serve as the platform and intellectual resource for the international business community

• Offer education which is concentrated on professional, innovative, young and international people

• Maintaining high technology services in the educational field

• Provide bespoke education via a combination of innovative and traditional programs

• Uphold the business ethics while concentrating on highest standards

• Make education more accessible by providing both full and part time programs, distance learning and multimedia options

• Meet the requirements of institutions, individuals and public agencies via a mix of both degree and non-degree programs

• Manage a multilingual and multicultural environment

Quality Education

The European University offers  Bachelor’s Programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Family Business Management, and Communication and Public Relations. Graduate degrees are also given in Sports Management, Business and Design Management and Digital Media Management. The university in partnership with Shinawatra University offers Dual Bachelor’s Degrees and also with Nichols College.

The university also offers MBA programs in Global Banking and Finance, E-Business and Leadership among others.