As we strive to bring to our readers the most objective and holistic appreciation of the leading European academic institutions, we have compiled the following list. European University Reputation is a list of third-party organizations and websites that provide European University rankings. Having different views and criteria for judging will help our readers rate University reputation more efficiently.


1. 4icu

2. Forbes Top Universities in Europe

3.MastersPortal – 31 Universities amond the top 100 Reputation ranking by Times Higher Education

4. Times Higher Education – World University Rankings

5. TopUniversities – Where to study in Europe

6. Financial Times – European Business School Rankings

Don’t foret that the best way to judge a European University Reputation is by asking around and looking at the success stories that come out of those schools. The beauty of education is that there is no absolute certainty. One size does not fit all, so look hard and make sure that Reputation is not the only thing you are going after. The school should fit YOU.